Leonhard Berngruber, Digital Elektronik GmbH

In the course of a new building and expansion of our sheet metal production we decided to use cassette racks and change towers from the company Böckelt Tower. From the consultation to the assembly we were always professionally attended. Due to the compact storage we saved one third of the previous storage space. The solid construction and well thought-out technology offers a high level of work safety. The racks with almost 200 storing positions in combination with the change towers have optimized the material flow very much. This means that the investment can be recouped quickly, especially in comparison to automated storage systems.

Gerhard Pieser, Gaass
Using the BÖCKELT TOWERS® we have been able to increase our storage capacity by a multiple factor and simultaneously minimize access times. The attached crane has significantly facilitated feed of flat metal sheets to the machine.
Elmar Glieden, BLH GmbH
The material is found easily and quickly, as all stocks are managed in the software. The Böckelt sheet metal storage system has been very well received by our employees.
Peter Auer
Using this system we have been able to increase the storage capacity as compared to a cantilever arm rack system by 40% on the same footprint. Stability and the design of the storage components leave nothing to be desired. Order and cleanliness in the storage area are now positively controlled; man/woman can no longer do anything to disrupt this.
From the first contact to the final concept and ultimately to delivery everything functioned quickly and smoothly. The exchange tower from Böckelt GmbH captivates through its high-quality and robust workmanship. It is extremely user-friendly and increases the material swap speed.
Markus Wenzel
In the process of procuring our "Böckelt Tower", reduction of activities that do not create value, such as loading the laser system with different materials, was the priority. Through shorter distances, easy handling of the cassettes, we have been able to significantly reduce our processing time.
Johannes Beha, Hoch Hydraulik GmbH
Thanks to the custom-tailored solution, with the BÖCKELT TOWER® we were able to find an optimal system for our storage space.
Klaus Mill
The Böckelt Tower is the only rack that showed no deficiencies in the yearly rack inspection.
Claudia Pöschl
With the Böckelt Tower we have been able to better order our metal sheets, save storage capacity and we have faster access to materials.
Thomas Seebold, Metallbau Diekmann
Access to the material is significantly faster and the possibility of mix-up is excluded. Even the Purchasing department works with the sheet metal storage system and the storage management software to determine requirements for material orders. The IT system shows us at any time how much material is stored in the cassettes, including the left-over metal sheets. A concept was prepared, and implemented 1:1, perfectly tailored to our conditions. With the Böckelt system we have been able to achieve a reduction of access times to the material storage of 35%!
Jörg Räder
In addition to optimisation of the storage capacity and problem-free feed of the special cassettes to the loading systems of our laser equipment and combination machines, there has been another great advantage for us. In the past many valuable metal sheets were damaged by the forklift forks because the individual packages were directly on top of each other on wooden beams. Thanks to the cassette storage this is now a moot point; the cassette storage virtually prevents transport damage. Also wooden pallets are no longer needed. Another aspect that must be emphasized is the fact that the current actual stock level is "always" visualized by the software. We do not want to do without this system any more.
Jörg Jäger

Of course the biggest advantage is the space we gain, not to mention the clarity. The stock level can be called up at any time, and a side-effect that should not be underestimated is the fact that the stock of left-over metal sheets is finally managed cleanly and utilized in production. In spite of many approaches and ideas over many years we have never succeeded with this until now. I particularly want to emphasise the extremely competent assembly and set-up by Böckelt personnel. Without the additional space gained thanks to the Böckelt system the extension of our machinery this year would not have been possible.

The Böckelt sheet metal storage system has increased our productivity. All material swaps occur faster and more safely and material damage is minimized. The entire construction is solid and durable. The metal sheets are stored quickly and safely with the depalletiser.
Stefan Jacobi, Bystronic AG

The Böckelt drawer rack is used in our development department to store sheet metal panels. It is not only the high capacity and space saving, but also the overall high quality design of the system that excites us.

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